Saturday, May 18, 2013

Malachi’s Path of Repentance

Our church, First Baptist Church in Jefferson City, TN, is launching a monthly emphasis today called “Grant to Us Now a Refreshing.” Today’s emphasis is on “Repentance.” Here are my musings of the path to repentance as outlined by Malachi. 

1. God holds supreme authority (1:11,14b) 
2. We fail to respect and honor God’s authority (1:6,12-14a) 
3. We show little concern for God’s favor and grace (1:9) 
4. God loves us but is displeased with our lack of concern (1:2,10) 
5. Disobedience and disinterest have consequences (2:2-3,8-9) 
6. God calls for repentance and obedience (2:1-2) 
7. Levi is a model of God’s expectations (2:5-7) 

[Originally posted on Facebook on February 7, 2010.]

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