Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have a lot of things for which I am thankful, but today’s gratitude is worth a short list.

1. After long hours of work over the last five days, Evelyn and I have finished patching and sealing our asphalt driveway. In 90 degree weather, this was a laborious job; but we gained skill as we worked and finished with flying colors shortly after noon today. I won’t say it looks professional, but we certainly have stopped the deterioration with the repaired cracks; and the sealer should protect it for several years (we used 7-year sealer, but I won’t count on our application lasting quite that long).

2. Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor for my atrial fibrillation episode back in May. I have been taking a beta-blocker since release from the hospital, and the side effects of the medication have either made me sluggish or hyper. I am now off all blood pressure medication on my pledge that I will exercise regularly and keep a check on my blood pressure. Anybody who can do #1 above should be healthy enough to get back to his status before the hospitalization—and I am!

3. My wife is a modern-day marvel. She can out-work me in almost every way (OK, occasionally she needs a strong arm to lift or open something or a tall person to reach something, but there’s not much else she can’t do). She loves the outdoors; and sun, heat, and hard work never slow her down. Working with her on the driveway project was a reminder what a wonderful woman, wife, and companion she is. I am so proud of her and appreciate her so much. She is indeed the love of my life!

Thank you, Lord!