Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Christmas Poem: “The Reason for the Season”

The story speaks of longing hearts, 
Of centuries of stops and starts, 
Of hopes denied, of dreams delayed, 
Awaiting Christ and His true aid. 
The story tells of Mary pure, 
Of Joseph just and yet unsure, 
Of “Jesus,” who will save from sin, 
Of “God with us,” the prophets’ end. 

The hills of Bethlehem resound 
As angel choruses abound, 
And shepherds shrink in awful fright 
Before strange visions in the night. 
“The promises indeed are true. 
The good news is announced to you. 
Go, see the child,” the angel bade, 
“The infant in a manger laid.” 

Far to the east in darkest night, 
A star of heaven adds its light 
And guides the Magi in their quest 
To find a king of promise blessed. 
Jerusalem, then Bethlehem, 
The star leads on and comes to him 
Whose humble birth belies a king. 
They worship and bring offering. 

And so we hear of Jesus’ birth, 
Of Son of God who came to earth, 
Of Word who from before all time 
Was chosen to heal humankind. 
The Christmas story has been told. 
Its message is both new and old. 
It beckons all to pause and hear 
The reasons for the season’s cheer. 

© Copyright 1999 Michael Fink 
All rights reserved 
[Originally posted on Facebook on December 25, 2009.]

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