Monday, January 21, 2013

Poem: God's Work Today


Can God say yes if we say no?
      Can God go fast if we go slow?
Can God hear prayers we never say?
      Can He speak through His Word today
If all our time is work and play
      And busyness drives Him away?

Can God rid us of hate and greed
      If we will not acknowledge need?
Can He grant an unwelcomed cure
      For pride and its selfish allure?
Can God give life to one who clings
      To sin and to the death it brings?

Can God touch lives with loving care
      If we just stand aside and stare?
Can He mend broken hearts if we
      Cling to our own security?
Can God save those both far and near
      If we have closed our heart, our ear,
To His eternal mission plan
      To share His love in every land?

Will God have hands to do His works
      If each of us our duty shirks?
Will He be blinded by our eyes?
      Will ears be closed to human cries?
Will saving words be caught in throats?
      Will songs of praise sound sour notes?
What is the role we have to play
      In doing God’s work here, today?

The simple matter – surely true –
      God has no need for me and you.
Compared to Him we are so small;
      You’d think we wouldn’t count at all.
And yet, in His majestic grace,
      He chose us for this time and place.
He chose us to join others who
      Believe it matters what we do --
That when we act in faith and love
      A cloud of witnesses above
Will urge us on in life’s hard race
      Until we stand before God’s face
And hear Him tell us one by one,
      “Well done, my child, the race is won!”

     © Copyright 1999 Michael Fink
            All rights reserved

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