Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feeling Good About Being "Average?"

Gotcha feeling good about being “average,” did I? Well that was a sucker punch. Let’s talk about what really is average. World-wide, the top 1% own 43% of the world’s assets. The richest 10% own 83% of the world’s wealth. If you have assets of $4,000 after deducting your debt, you are in the wealthiest half of the world’s population. And here’s the real kicker: Half of the global population together possess less than 2% of global wealth. So half of the world’s population have an average total net worth of less than $60. Consult your check book or your credit card statement and see how far $60 would go. I’m feeling a little better about not being average, but I am not feeling better about where the other half find themselves, staring into the face of hunger, want, and need.

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  1. The info in this and the previous post has been updated and corrected via my article on Ethics Daily's website.