Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's See If I Have This Straight

A few of my recent posts from Facebook:
  • Let's see if I have this straight. Social Security is going bankrupt in the distant future because expenditures will outstrip the payroll taxes coming in. So the solution to our current problems is to reduce the payroll taxes that employers pay (that is the employer's part of Social Security) to stimulate employment so that Social Security can go bankrupt sooner for the greater number of workers who will be employed in the near future. Huh?
  • Let's see if I have this straight. It IS "class warfare" to ask the top 10% of Americans who are economically advantaged and control 90% of America's wealth to pay more taxes. It IS NOT "class warfare" to bust unions, cut Social Security, cut Medicare, cut college loans, cut funding for research on global warming, cut funding for education, advance "tort reform" (which makes it more difficult to sue for malpractice), and cut dozens of other programs that especially affect the bottom 50% on the economic scale. Somebody's "platform" shows whose waging war on whom!
  • Let's see if I have this straight. Only 1.6% of Americans inherit $100,000 or more from the estates of their deceased loved ones, yet we need to get rid of the “death tax” so that the 91.8% who don’t get any inheritance will be protected. In reality, if estate taxes are eliminated, 0.6% of Americans are estimated to receive over $1 trillion more in inheritances in the next decade. That explains why 18 super-rich families are providing most of the money that is supporting the efforts to eliminate estate taxes. Source: Professor G. William Domhoff, Sociology Department, University of California at Santa Cruz,

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