Friday, November 19, 2010

Charting Our Way in Making Disciples

Over the past few days I have set the context for our examination of how the church goes about its task of making disciples. I now am ready to share with you a chart that will become the focus of my extended examination of the task of making disciples. With the chart in hand, you will see the aspects of discipleship we already have examined; and you will have some idea of where I am heading in this examination.

The chart is available to you via email in a rich-text format that should be compatible with almost any word processing program. If you will send me an email message from the email account in which you would like to receive the chart, I will reply quickly with a copy of the chart attached. To keep these requests separate, please use this email address to make your request:

Once you receive the chart, you will note that Column 1 focuses on “the full and abundant life” referenced in my blog posts up through November 13. The bottom right corner establishes the goal of “Christlikeness” referenced in my blog posts through November 17. The top row of the chart has the focus on grace and works (I call the latter “deeds”) that I referenced in the November 18 post.

With the chart in your hands, we will be able to reflect on the transitions and directions through which discipleship develops and to address the specific concepts that emerge as each of us grows in faith and its practice.

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